FaceFarm Maps - Discover your nearest farmer
  • Discover your nearest farmer, market, restaurant with your favourite food
  • Plan trips between farmers, restaurants, markets, friends,…
  • Find farmers,market around your location which have all ingredients for your recipes
  • See where specific food is growing and when is the season.
  • Plan a weekend between your favorite taste in the best way for the best price
  • Check what kind of help is needed around you


Share your recipes
  • Create your recipes
  • Share recipes
  • Check where is the farmer with your needed ingredients
  • See what are the seasonal recipes all over the world
  • Use worldwide Chefs to help you
  • Find your personal chef that will prepare your dinner for you
  • and many more


Meet your personal farmer
  • Be friend with your Personal Farmer
  • See what he is doing now, no more secrets around your food
  • Receive your fresh food every day or when you need directly at home
  • Help the farmer growing food like you need
  • Check the products, order the products and pay the real cost of it
  • See the open days on farms and all activities what they are doing
  • Become a real friend with your personal farmer


Find out about food in the restoraunt
  • Eat locally and fresh food in the restaurant
  • Learn cooking
  • Order your farmers food in your restaurants around you
  • Check which is the seasonal food in the restaurant
  • Help your restaurants to be better to show them which farmers food you like
  • Finally be like at your home in restaurant


Find out about events around you
  • See the events around you like open markets, courses, schools
  • Check where and when will be your Farmers
  • Buy the best food ever from local farmers and producers you love
  • Meet them and cooperate with Farmers, Restaurants, friends
  • Receive discounts and coupons for events


Finally get to known with your farmer`
  • Exchange food in your family
  • Play with your kids to make a better green world
  • Connect with other families in the whole world, with a common purpose
  • Reduces nasty pollution and waste from the industrial food system.
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